Providing education and doula services for pregnancy, birth and  early days with your newborn.

Congratulations - You're making a Human!

Whether you've been planning for this day for ages or it's taken you by surprise, it can feel daunting to navigate the inevitable choices and changes that pregnancy, birth and parenthood bring.

No worries, you've got this and I've got your back. From easily, accessible up-to-date antenatal classes, to doula support for your birth, to breastfeeding and newborn care. 

If you live in the UK (West Midlands and surrounds) then have a look at my one-to-one services. If you're anywhere else on this great big beautiful globe, keep scrolling for online antenatal classes and lots of great resources.


“Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers - strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.”

-Barbara Katz Rothman



We live in a world of on-the-go information and most women I meet are keen to learn and prepare as much as they can for the birth of their baby.

All the online and book info can be overwhelming, which makes antenatal classes a great place to get clear, concise info and support in making great choices for yourself.

If you're close to group classes and that's your thing then get your spot booked. If, however, you prefer getting one-on-one info or classes in your area have been cancelled I can run through all the material with you.

We can tailor the course content to your needs and set up training convos when it suits your diary. It's like having a personal coach for pregnancy and birth :)

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If you're on this page you likely know what a doula is. If not, you're in for some cool and surprising info. Research has shown that having a doula support you through labour and birth REDUCES your experience of pain and the need for medical interventions! 

“If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it.” -Dr. John H. Kennell.

So WHAT DOES A DOULA do? I will meet with you before your birth to get to know you and help you plan for the birth. Then I will be with you through your labour and birth offering coaching and emotional support, massage and pain-relief techniques and practical help with managing your space. 

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Congrats! You've had a baby! Now what? The transition to early motherhood happens easily for some and less so for others. Having support with breastfeeding, bathing and newborn care can make a huge and positive impact.

I am trained to help you get the best possible start to feeding and caring for your baby. I am also there to make you tea and help you through if you're having a rough day.

If I have been your birth doula, then I will do two support visits at home after the birth, but you can also book these visits as a stand alone service no matter where or how you had your birth. They also make a great gift if you know someone else who's just had a baby.

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My name is Jude Polack and I am a Doula, a Mum of three gorgeous children (two of them already into their teens now), a business owner and a Women's Advocate. I live in the beautiful Malvern Hills in Worcestershire, which is central and leaves me able to work all over the Midlands, Birmingham and outer London. 

Thirteen years ago I led an amazing team that built and opened a mid-wife led maternity hospital called Genesis in Johannesburg. The maternity hospitals in South Africa were very medicalised at the time and I wanted to create a place that would be super safe (with operating theatre and neonatal care available) but would focus on the wellbeing of the birthing woman and her family as well as her beliefs and desires around a birth experience.


I spent the next eight years running Genesis Clinic and submerged in all things pregnancy and birth-related. I spent my days surrounded by midwives and doctors and doulas and fell in love with the whole thing! 

So I got to work and trained in lactation support, birth support, hypno-birthing techniques and personal coaching. All of this has led to my new life in England where it is my privilege to help women along a journey to positive birth and motherhood!

I am a Doula UK certified doula with additional training in breastfeeding support, water birth support and working through previous birth trauma. Click below to get in touch or visit my doula service page to read more.

Women should be listened to, seen and respected through the pregnancy and birth process

I will support you throughout the process. I'll offer info, pain relief options and practical care.