Mama Magic On-Call

Do you want real, grown up information about your pregnancy and the birth of your small human?

Do you want support from women who value their own choices and identity?

Don't want to hand over your body, your pregnancy and your birth over to other people?

Belly to Baby On-Call is for you. Mama Magic has designed this service to offer education, informed choice and both emotional and practical support for the entire duration of your pregnancy, birth and early parenting journey.

For this service, Mama Magic is proud to partner with Motherboard, a provider of evidence-based pregnancy and birth information and resources. 

When you sign up to our Belly to Baby On-Call service, you will get access to your own Motherboard birth plan app, all of Mama Magic's pre-natal education classes (valued at £170 ($225) AND you will have access to weekly calls (as and when you want or need them) with Jude, a professional doula, to help you with everything from coping with pregnancy symptoms, handling your emotions around the whole process, planning for your birth and feeding and caring for your newborn.

Mama Magic On-Call costs just £44 per month ($59) over a six month period. Less than the cost of a single, private caregiver appointment. It can ideally serve you from your second trimester through to a few months after baby has been born but as with all things related to your body, this is entirely up to you!

The Motherboard app and all of the Motherboard educational materials that we share here at Mama Magic have been designed and compiled by a team of doctors, midwives and educational specialists with the intent of empowering women through informed choice. 

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