My antenatal classes are a series of six classes focussing on preparing for a healthy pregnancy, positive birth and successful early parenthood. They are usually presented in person or online via Zoom.

Due to so many couples not being able to attend prenatal classes due to Covid19, I have pre-recorded all of the material and this can be purchased and gone through in your own time from

Class Topics

1)   Body Wise

-   The physiology of birth

-   Coping with changes in your body

-   Development of your baby

-   Helpful tips on staying healthy throughout.


2)   All About the Ouch!

-    Where it hurts and why

-    Good pain vs bad pain

-    Non-medical pain relief options

-    Medical pain relief options 


3)   Motherhood Rising

-    Thinking beyond the birth

-    Building your support structures

-    Baby-proofing your relationships

-    What kind of Mama am I? 


4)   The Big Day

-    Going into labour – signs and actions

-    All things being well – what happens on the day?

-    When complications arise – interventions 

-    The people piece – caregivers, families and friends 


5)   The Encore

-    Immediately after a natural birth: mom and babe

-    Following a C-Section: mom and babe

-    The Golden Hour

-    Your health and wellbeing in the days after birth 


6)   The Long Game

-    All about breast feeding (and other feeding options)

-    Bathing and dressing your newborn

-    Healthcare for mum and babe in the early days

-    Coping strategies for a strong and happy mum

Zoom classrooms are carefully managed to ensure privacy and comfort for all participants. You will also have access to all online learning material.