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Time to Just Breath

Do you feel like a never-ending project to be worked on and perfected? I love a good dose of self-help. I love the idea of conciously choosing and crafting all aspects of my life so that they work for me and I have always been happy to take the advice and support of great authors and coaches; but as with anything in life, there is a tipping point.

A point where in going back for help again and again we start buying into the idea that we are forever broken, forever in need of fixing. This can be exhausting and debilitating.

Sometimes it’s a really great feeling to stop and think, “I am perfectly okay just as I am, even if what I am is a hot mess right now – that’s also fine." It's amazing how powerful this small act of compassion for yourself can be!

Rest a while and if or when you feel ready to take on more concious creation of your life, be wary of any book, programme or teacher that spends too much time listing all the things you need to fix, correct or overcome about yourself.

Find and nurture one thing that you love about yourself today and let that carry you peacefully and joyfully into the world!