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To the Exhausted Mom

I can see it in the slant of you shoulders, the slight shake in your smile. You’re tired –no that’s too mild a word – you ache. I get it, it can feel long and hard and relentless. The responsibility huge, the rest minimal. Little human beings circling you like baby birds, always twittering, always needing. Breathe my love, respite does come.

One day you’ll look up to see a curious face watching you and you’ll know, there are no failures here. You are not in control of your children’s destinies and whatever you’re doing, you’re doing it right. Watch them and mind them and love them but do not tie yourself up in knots. The days turn into months turn into years and you will drive yourself insane trying to “get it right”.

Just breathe and have faith! In yourself, in your children, in whatever else brings you strength and grace. And when these hard days are done and sleep returns and a little more order prevails, remember to stop and marvel at yourself and these precious human beings you have brought into the world.