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To the Girl in Despair

I so much want to put my arms around you and fill you up with love and strength and patience. This path you’re on, it will seem long and unbearable. The urge to end it all may come terrifyingly close. But you need to know that you can do this. Not only that but you are going to be so insanely strong on the other end that you may just fly. You may just save the world.

I can’t stop your undoing. Nor would I if I could – it will be the making of you. I will tell you this: Don’t join their team; don’t be complicit in your own abuse. When it comes time, forgiving others is a piece of cake compared to forgiving yourself. They will try to convince you that you are bad, that you are worthless. They will try to get you to pick up a stick and beat yourself. Take life’s beatings while you must, while your soul holds still in the fires of the forge, but do not pick up that stick.

The voice of the Divine comes to those who are shattered and broken. Brings to us the chance to build something stronger and more beautiful from the ashes. Wait, beloved girl, for the time of rebuilding to come. Then gather the pieces of yourself with loving compassionate hands and create from your own heart, your own truth, a new and precious life.